Join your neighbors to take action and build a climate-safe future for all


Welcome to the Resilient Central Coast Team and congratulations on taking a huge first step towards creating positive local impact and deepening your community connections!

Monterey County is well known for its natural beauty, agricultural community, and rich history. It is home to diverse communities of hardworking, caring people. By joining Resilient Monterey County, you will be taking a crucial role in preserving its environmental assets and creating a climate safe future for generations to come.

Did you know that 40% of emissions in the U.S. come from our home energy use, personal transportation, and what we throw away? We have the power to make a difference from the comfort of our own homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Embark on a journey in part of a six-county effort to support 500,000 Central Coast residents to take actions that will collectively reduce 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030.

Through the efforts of the Resilient Central Coast Campaign, everyone feels empowered to pursue and help others learn about local resilient actions. Everyone has equitable, reliable, and easy access to information and resources about climate actions. Together we can fight climate change. Join Resilient Monterey County today!

Grab life by the moments.